Monday, May 8, 2017

Travel ~ Oh My Info


My topic the other day was pre travel. This time I will talk about travel. Hence, before I proceed with my "bla bla bla" I like to take a moment to thank my fellow bloggers that always give me input and inspiration to travels. Tanpa mereka I will be like Si Buta takde tongkat. Huhuhu. Sometimes when I'm doing my blog walking and reading others blog, 1st thing that I notice the excitement of the blogger itself. They will describe A-Z about the place until you fill like you were travelling with them. Sounds inviting right. Some of them also like to share pictures more than to write. Like me also I'm not always good in restructuring my sentences .. grammar and so on and so forth. Tapi kita bukan dalam kelas tatabahasa kan. So masing masing punya freedom as long we deliver the message and people understand. But please do take me as example yer. Mine is too rojak.

1) Safety
Ok back to business. Travel oh travel... From the moment your step out from your house and leave your family behind always remember "safety". You are alone once you step out. So safety is the main prority not your excitement. Sometimes because of we too overjoy and looking forward to venture new place we have a tendency of ignoring about safety. We always feel regretful once things happen. "Malang tak berbau adik adik". Sometimes my friends condemn me that I'm too soft for someone who look so solid from the outside. Too concern and too careful. Don't blame me coz I always bring a lot of "geng bus sekolah" if I'm travelling. So I have to ensure that all of them return in once piece. Safe and sound.

2) Place
Currently Korea had always been the place that I think is really safe for womens traveller. I have once walking alone in the middle of the night in street of Seoul. Not even a single soul dare to come at me to say hi or perhaps my face don't allow them to do so. Pity!! But believe me when I say is the safest place that I've visit so far. Perhaps being foreigner in the foreign land is our advantage and language also. Even in Bangkok, I feel really safe to walk alone at night compare to when I'm walking back to BRT in my work place. Why?? I think this is related with Pyschology issue... huhuhu

3) People / Community
My favourite things everytime travelling is to give review the place that I stay in Tripadvisor. Some maybe excellent, some are soh soh and are MEH or totally disaster. BUT again, this is how you bring ourself in that country as we are the ambassador of your own country. I'm not saying we have to really well behave but this is all about ethic and how we "dress" our self in front of the community that we stay. Have read..heard even comments about the XX country people made one place upside down .. dirty and even so... Again.. Be our self and courteous.

Well this is I can share at this moment some of my Qtips of travel. Next time I will share How to travel to Bangkok as the 1st country on my list. I will try my best to give input A-Z especially on the transportation method that they using there. 


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